My List of Blessings

I went to a funeral today.  Granted, it was a beautiful funeral, but a funeral nonetheless.  Always sad.  Always heartbreaking.

It’s been a tough year. Not just for my family, but for many of our friends.  There’s been illness, divorce, death, job loss…and a myriad of other things that just suck. But, what I’ve discovered is that in the midst of all this bad stuff happening, there’s been some amazing blessings.  Finding love again after a painful divorce; creating a new life after a brutal loss; celebrating an engagement…the list goes on.

Every year around this time, I create my list of blessings.  It’s a simple list of about 15-20 things that I’m thankful for. The list is different every year, depending on circumstances and life changes.  Some of the things on the list are sentimental, some are quite creative and some are just plain cheesy.  But, every single thing on the list comes from the heart.  Yes, even the Chicken Tortilla Soup from Los Hermanos that was in the top 5 last year came from the heart.

Three things are NOT on the list simply because they will NEVER leave the list.  It goes without saying that what I am most thankful for is a Savior who holds my hand in the darkest of hours and doesn’t let go until I can see where I’m going. And even then, He stays right beside me.  I am most thankful for a wonderful husband and a healthy marriage. And I am most thankful for a beautiful son who gave me a new heart when he entered this world. He’s also given me a few bald spots from the times I’ve pulled my hair out…but that’s a whole other post.

So, here is the list. I encourage you to make your own.

1. I am thankful that God took Granddaddy to heaven quickly and that he lived his life with no regrets.

2. I am thankful for indoor playgrounds.

3. I am thankful for unexpected surprises and that birth control pills are only 99% effective. (This one’s for you Shannon!)

4. I am thankful for Project Runway marathons.

5. I am thankful for classical music.  Beethoven still calms the little man down!

6. I am thankful for Target. What did people do before Target? How did they live?

7. I am thankful for Coke Zero.  BEST. INVENTION. EVER. This should really be at the top of the list.

8. I am thankful for Margaritas.  I don’t think this needs an explanation.

9. I am thankful for Spanks. I can’t say that enough. Of course, I’m not real thankful for the price…

10. I am thankful for Wells Fargo.  I can now deposit my checks straight into the ATM without an envelope AND have the receipt sent to my e-mail!  Fascinating!!!!

11. I am thankful that my husband has a job he loves that is truly his passion. And for being able to travel with him sometimes (Hawaii this year, South Africa in 2012!)

12. I am thankful for Henry’s preschool. I seriously want to have another baby just so I can stay there longer.

13. I am thankful for my Smoke Rise girls – girls I can chat with about God, parenting, marriage and of course, circumcision.  What, you don’t talk about that at your monthly bible studies?

14. I am thankful for my Kuerig Coffee Maker.  I am totally in love with it. If it was legal to marry coffee makers in Georgia, I would totally do it.

15. I am thankful that this was the year I realized my destiny. Stay tuned for that one…


One response to “My List of Blessings

  1. Shannon Greene

    Girl…you are cracking me UP!!! I have been trying to catch up reading your blogs…..I know a little behind…but HEY…I am here, am I not 😉 Thank you so much for #3! That really made me laugh out loud….literally! You have always been a good friend of mine and I am so blessed to have you in my life. It doesn’t matter how much time goes by that we don’t talk or see each other but you can bet the next time we “catch” up it’s like no time has passed. I love you so very much my sweet sweet friend! I am looking forward to this new journey God has guided me to. He sure does have a sense of humor and so do you! Much love!!!!

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