Laurie’s Favorite Things!

In the spirit of Christmas, I am listing ten things that I would give each of you if I had a gazillion dollars and my own TV show. Welcome to Laurie’s Favorite Things!

I would start by giving each of you a peppermint mocha from Starbucks. I know for a fact it has healing powers. I would then give each of you a laptop so you could shop online.  I think the homicide rates increase during the holidays due to the long lines at Target. I feel so sorry for Jewish people who simply need laundry detergent.

Then, I would give each of you an I-Phone for the sheer joy of downloading Angry Birds. Yes, shooting birds from a slingshot to kill pigs is really, really fun.  In fact, spending time away from the game right now to write this post has really been a lesson in patience.

I would then provide you with a Cranberry Margarito (the marriage of a margarita and a mojito is sheer genius on the part of Southern Living) and several Reese’s Peanut Butter Christmas Trees, because let’s be real people- you can’t eat just one.

All of you would then get a copy of my all-time favorite Christmas movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” as well as a copy of my favorite Christmas book “The Autobiography of Santa Claus.”  Yes, the book is fiction.

I would then have my son sing to you his version of “Deck The Halls” which includes using “Galls” and “Strolley” to decorate your home instead of the traditional boughs of holly.  It will warm your heart when you hear his sweet little voice though.

You would then each get a huge empty box and $500.  The box would be to put all your kid’s unused toys in to take to your local Toys for Tots or Cooperative Ministry. Be sure to have your kid(s) help you clean out the toys. That is a real Christmas treat!  (Yes, that was sarcasm.) The $500 is to give to the charity of your choice. Because Christmas truly IS about what you give and not what you receive.

Finally, I would give all of you something that you can get for free- at any place and at any time.  And you know what it is. The love of Christ our Savior. I would read you the Christmas story as recorded in Matthew and Luke. And I would tell you that unlike any other baby, the one born that night in  Bethlehem was unique in all of history. He was and is God, the Holy Son, Creator of the Universe. In the birth of Jesus, the eternal, all-powerful and all-knowing Creator came to earth.  For You. For Me.

Have a wonderful Christmas!


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